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Bellevue, Iowa

What would “the most beautiful place” look like?

It might have stunning panoramas of the Mississippi River… There could be towering ancient limestone bluffs… One might find winding riverfront walkways… It might feature a cozy, historic downtown… There are probably smiling, friendly faces at every turn…

  There is a most beautiful place right here in the heartland – Bellevue, Iowa. It's a charming community on the Mississippi River with scenery galore, economic opportunities and plenty of friendly folks who look after one another.

  One of the first towns to be settled in Iowa, Bellevue has preserved much of its 19th- century architecture in storefront, homes, churches, and Iowa’s oldest grist mill.

  On the other hand, the city has built a 21st century fiber optic network connecting every address.

  Visitors are fascinated by the workings of Lock and Dam #12 in the center of town. These visitors made the view from the overlook at Bellevue State Park – of the quaint town and meandering river – one of the most photographed scenes in Iowa. They relax on the verandas of B&B’s and in coffee shops, stroll down Riverview (our main street) and along the River Walk, eat at cafes and diners and browse in shops and art galleries.

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